Facility Use

At THFBC, we are happy to open our facility to members and partner groups from our community.  To request a reservation for part of our facility, please click the appropriate button below. Before requesting a reservation, please ensure that you have read and understand the THFBC Facility Use Policy.  

THFBC Facility Use Policy

Member Use: This form if for members and regular attenders who wish to use the facility for personal events (e.g. birthday parties, family gatherings, baby showers, etc.).  For members that wish to use the facility to host a group, please use the partner group button below.  

Reservation Request for Members

Partner Use: This form is for partner groups that have an established relationship with THFBC.  These may be groups supported by members or groups that have been approved by the Trustees or the Community Partnership Task Force.  

Reservation Request for Partner Groups

Other Use Requests: This form is for individuals and groups who do not have an existing relationship with THFBC.  

Reservation Request for the general public


Due to the nature of the event, weddings require a unique registration. In addition to the Facility Use Policy, weddings are also governed by the Wedding Policy.  

Wedding Policy

Wedding Reservation Request