• United Missions

    United Missions is the simple, efficient way that American Baptist churches pool financial resources to maximize the amount of good that we can do. These funds are used to connect resources with needs in a way that results in meaningful change in our churches and communities across the United States and Puerto Rico. For more information on the many ministries that United Mission is supporting and the impact that is happening, head to

  • Kodiak Baptist Mission

    The Kodiak Baptist Mission is Alaska's first outdoor preschool, after school program, summer camp, and daycare alternative located in Kodiak, Alaska. The mission provides a safe, healthy, Christ-centered environment for children to thrive and discover new talents and abilities. We are proud to support the mission both financially and with regular mission teams. You can learn more about KBM and how to support them at

  • Edna Martin Christian Center

    The Edna Martin Christian Center has served the east side of Indianapolis for more than 75 years, working to bridge cultural, racial, and economic differences in order to support and nurture the people in their community. The center has transformed the community around it and continues to not only meet the basic needs of their neighbors, but also, works to provide holistic programs that empower, encourage, and engender a vision of hope. We are proud to support their ministries. For more information on what is happening at the center and how you can help, head to