Does it really matter if I am a member or not?  What are the benefits?  What do I have to do? These are honest questions that we hear a lot when we start talking about church membership. Here at First Baptist we value membership highly.  

  • Membership admits that we are each necessary parts of the whole.  
  • Membership admits that we are different, but that we can still work together.  
  • Membership admits that everything we say and do is rooted in a Biblical foundation of love and commitment to Christ and to another.  
  • Membership admits that we are responsible to each other.  
  • Finally, membership admits that there are expectations on each of us.

Made of many parts, but united together in Christ, the church body is only able to function in a healthy and productive way when we are each wholly committed to pursuing the mission of God in this world as a community. If you are considering membership at FBC, the process is simple: come talk to us.  We would love to get to know you, to know your family, and to welcome you into ours.

Our Deacons will sit down with you, share information on our church, and help you find a place to connect. 


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