college ministry

Our college ministry aims to help our students become deeper, stronger disciples of Jesus Christ in every way.

To do this, we meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 10:45AM for small group and have a variety of events scheduled throughout the year that are designed to help our students rest, serve, and grow.

We also work hard to pair each of our students with a host family here at the church. Our host families serve as mentors to our students, pray for our students, and just help school feel like home, even if home is far away.

If you have questions about our college ministry or would like to become a host family, please contact John Campbell at

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School is tough. Take a break, catch your breath, and rest with us on our College Retreat to Camp Indian Creek on November 9-11th. You'll have time to relax, have fun, and spend time with other students talking about God and his goodness.

And check this out... because we love our college students so much... and we know that money isn't always the easiest thing for a student to come by... this trip is free!  

Yep. Free. 

All you need to do is sign up using the form on the left.