THFBC Door Access

If you have been approved for facility access, you will need to download the Verkada Pass app.  

Apple Devices

Android Devices


  • When you open the app, you will enter your email address. You will then be prompted to use an email link or password to log into the app.
  • If you choose the password option and it is your first time logging in, you will need to choose "forgot password" and follow the instructions in your email.
  • For the app to function, you must have Bluetooth enabled and location services must be enabled for the app. For Apple devices, location services should be set to Always. These can be adjusted in the settings on your phone.  
  • Within the Verkada Pass app, the button on the main screen should say "Broadcasting." This is enabled by default.

Using the App

  • To unlock the door, the Verkada Pass app must be running in your recent apps. (It does not necessarily need to be open, just opened recently.) The app will work even if your phone is locked.  
  • When you walk toward the door, the reader will automatically detect your phone. It will beep softly, display a green light, and unlock the door. 
  • The door will remain unlocked for approximately 15 seconds. 


  • You do not need to remove your device from your pocket, bag, or purse.  
  • The distance from your phone to the reader varies depending on the device. If the reader does not beep and turn green, try moving closer.
  • If you have the Verkada Pass open on your phone, it will show you when the door is in range (and give you the option to unlock the door manually by pushing a button). Some Apple phones will not show the door in range, but they will still unlock the door automatically.  
  • You do not need to touch the reader with your phone. However, if you do, some Apple phones are programmed to automatically open Apple Pay. This is a known problem and Apple does not have a solution. No charges will be made to your phone.


The information below is from Verkada Support (

iOS Permissions

  • Bluetooth unlock requires the following:

    • Verkada Pass app needs to be running in the background (in your app switcher, does not need to be in the foreground)

    • Location services need to be “always”

    • Bluetooth permissions need to be on

    • Bluetooth needs to be on

Android Permissions

  • Verkada Bluetooth Unlock requires the following:

    • Verkada Pass app notification should be in the notification center (this allows Verkada Pass Bluetooth to work when the app is closed)

    • Location services need to be “Only while app is in use”

    • Bluetooth needs to be on


If you are experiencing issues with Bluetooth unlock, try the following:

  • iOS

    • Verify that Verkada Pass has location set to “always on” and Bluetooth is on

    • Toggle the Bluetooth permission in the Settings app for the Verkada Pass app

  • Android

    • Android users may need to reboot their phone after the installation to get the Bluetooth unlock feature initialized

    • Android Bluetooth is a bit slower than iOS Bluetooth, so users may need to get it closer to the reader and keep it there for a few seconds.

    • Disable NFC on that door if you are not using HF cards

  • Still not working?

    • Uninstall/reinstall the Verkada Pass app

    • Reboot your mobile device

    • Toggle Bluetooth permissions off, and then on, again.

If you are still experiencing issues with Bluetooth unlock, please contact us.