Changes to Online Giving

We have changed online giving providers from Clover Give to Planning Center Give.  This reduces our fees and better integrates into our existing software.  For those giving new or one-time gifts, you will notice a new interface when you give.  For those who currently have recurring giving set up, you will need to cancel your recurring gifts in Clover Give and set them up again in Planning Center Give. 

  • There is a cost involved with online giving. There are fees imposed by credit card companies, transfer fees, and service fees from the provider. As we reviewed the fee schedule, we determined that our previous provider (Clover Give) had significantly higher fees than other providers. In our review, we discovered that Planning Center Give had one of the lowest fee schedules available. Based on our current giving, we estimate this change will save us $177 per month in fees.  

    In addition, we currently use Planning Center as our church management software. The new giving platform will be fully integrated with our system, which will save time and energy. It also allows us to have online giving integrated into our church app at no additional cost.  

    1. Visit the THFBC Clover Give website here:
    2. Click the “Sign In” tab at the top. 
    3. Enter your email address and press the “Next” button.
    4. Enter your password.  If you don’t know your password, click “One-time Code” and a 6-digit code will be emailed to you that can be used instead of a password. 
    5. Click on the “Scheduled” tab at the top. 
    6. You will now see a list of recurring donations.  Click the trash can icon next to each item to delete them. 
    7. Once you have deleted all items, the screen should say: “No gifts of payments currently scheduled.”
    8. Click the arrow in the top right and click “Sign Out.”  
    1. Visit the THFBC Planning Center Give here:  (You can also find this site on our website or in the Church Center app.)
    2. Enter the donation amount and select the fund. 
    3. If you are setting up a recurring donation, change the frequency to “regularly” and the enter the frequency, day of the week, and start date for the donation. 
    4. Enter your email and name and press the “Continue” button. 
    5. Select the payment method and enter your payment information (or set up the connection to your bank account). 
    6. Please consider checking the box to cover the processing fees.  These fees are tax deductible and covering them simplifies our accounting. 
    7. Press the “Give Now” button. 

    For a full description of all the online giving options and a video walkthrough, please visit:

  • Do you need help making the transition?  We would be happy to walk you thought the process and answer any questions you have.  Please don't hesitate to reach our and contact us!  

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